Speaker for the Dead

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I'm an Evolutionary Anthropology PhD student. In general, my interests span across archaeology and physical anthropology
This blog has anthropology related posts with some added quirkiness reflecting my personality.
If you have an anthro blog and want me to follow you back, just message me!
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Amazing time watching a special screening of The Last Unicorn with special guest Peter S Beagle! Saw the movie remastered while sipping beer, tattoos, cosplay, and the man himself. Amazing night!

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    Still heartbroken that I missed out on this. I hope it happens again some year when I’m a little less stranded.
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    Really fun night. I was glad I could be there.
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    Look at my classy-ass friends C:
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    Thanks for the great photo of our group, I was Molly Grue. Seeing the movie on the big screen was amazing surrounded by...
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